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October 25, 2004
Cardinals Rule
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October 25, 2004


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Cardinals Rule

Is it just me, or was it more than a coincidence that your Oct. 4 cover, the first after your 50th Anniversary Issue, bore such an eerie resemblance to your first cover? Nice touch, SI. Nice sense of history.

Bruce Hoof, Durham, N.C.

The real story of this year's St. Louis Cardinals (The Pride of St. Louis, Oct. 4): players playing for less money to be a part of the Cardinals' organization, players willing to play different positions for the good of the team, players genuinely supportive of each other on and off the field, and players unwilling to insult or denigrate other players or teams. Toss in the sea of red that pours into Busch Stadium and celebrates the best both teams have to offer.

Glenn Trueman, Alton, Ill.

Stats All, Folks

Stupid stats (The Life of Reilly, Oct. 4)? Listen, Reilly, most of the time I agree with you, but to the best of my knowledge George Sisler--whose autograph I proudly possess--did not face 95mph pitching in the ninth inning, at night, after a 2,500-mile plane ride. Ichiro's record, 262 hits, in any league, in 161 games, heck, in 180 games, is an outstanding achievement. Perhaps we should discount your own professional successes. After all, you have the benefit of spell-check. Grantland Rice never did.

Michael Wilber, Chugiak, Alaska

I'd rather skip the asterisks and appreciate each record for what it is.

Bill Deaner, Williamsburg, Va.

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