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November 08, 2004
What Jinx?
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November 08, 2004


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What Jinx?

I'm sure you've heard from many members of Red Sox Nation and the Patriots fan club who were scared by the Oct. 18 issue cover, featuring Tom Brady of the Pats and Johnny Damon of the Sox. The events of the past few weeks--the Patriots' win over the Seahawks and the Red Sox' monumental defeat of the Yankees--should put to rest the SI Cover Jinx.

Wayne Young
Battle Creek, Mich.

Kobe Beefs

After reading the excerpts from Phil Jackson's book (Scorecard, Oct. 18), I now know why Shaq decided to sign with Miami: to get as far away from Kobe as possible. Bryant is one of the chosen few who received Jackson's tutelage, but when he was asked to do some running, he treated the coach as if his parents had asked him to wash the dinner dishes. If I were Jerry Buss, I wouldn't have hired another coach. If Phil can't make him work, no one can.

Bert Gibbons, Townsend, Del.

I grew up in Los Angeles as a Lakers fan, watching Magic, Worthy and Kareem as they went to the NBA Finals year after year. They knew the meaning of the word team, and each knew what his role was. One man has turned my love for the Lakers to disgust. Bryant should have been traded. I hope he knows that on Christmas Day, I will be rooting for the Heat.

Norinne Bell, San Francisco

Gym Dandy

I am writing to compliment you on SI Players. I have incorporated many of the workout activities into my daily exercise regimen with great results--although I get my butt whipped each time. Some exercises in other magazines are demonstrated by emaciated models, but watching these NFL athletes in action is the best sales pitch for what they preach: It shows that what they are doing actually works. I'm a 5'5", 115-pound female, not a 6'4", 210- pound football player, but three weeks into my NFL regimen I now have the body I had when I was 18. Next season, could you do a section like that with baseball players? I would love to see Barry Zito demonstrate his yoga moves and Roger Clemens show us his gym routine.

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