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December 05, 2005
Conditioned Athlete
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December 05, 2005


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The NCAA made an unfair decision when it banned Jeremy Bloom from collegiate athletics (Full Bloom, Nov. 14). The NCAA's powers-that-be stated that the punishment was due to the money he received from endorsements related to his role on the United States ski team, but all he was doing was trying to fulfill both of his goals: to ski in the Olympics and to one day play professional football. Since the NCAA wants student-athletes to become successful in life, why would it prevent anyone from doing what Bloom wants to do?
Brian Gayso, Pittsburgh

What Women Want

I promise I will never cancel my subscription if you bring back Troy Polamalu, Brady Quinn and Jeremy Bloom for the Swimsuit Issue.
Donna Mills, Middletown, Ohio

Poetry on Ice

It's nice to learn that Jeremy Roenick, though involved in an extremely physical sport, has a softer, poetic side (To Skate and Score in L.A., Nov. 14). I feel, however, that his opus The Shore would have been more of a hockey poem had it read: The sound of the ocean can calm all my fears/The sight of the sunset can bring me to tears/Especially if I have had a few beers.
Brian Stockton, Grand Island, N.Y.

Positive Thinking

I applaud Steve Rushin for Doing Well and Doing Good (AIR AND SPACE, Nov. 14). I am a cancer patient and a student at Michigan who recently found that the sports world has potential to do great things for people. I had to drop out of school for a year to have chemotherapy. During that time I received an autographed basketball signed by the entire 2004-05 Michigan basketball team and coach Tommy Amaker, inscribed with their wishes that I would have a rapid recovery. I e-mailed Amaker to thank him for the kind gesture, and after he responded we started e-mailing each other frequently. He has kindly offered to help me with whatever I need. Rushin is correct in saying that more of these stories need to be told.
John Kniesche, Kentfield, Calif.

Doze Were the Days

I laughed when I read that Houston Texans rookie C.C. Brown has difficulty staying awake during 1:45 film sessions (PLAYERS, Nov. 14). As a third-year law student at Miami, I spend an average of four hours per day struggling through law classes. How do I stay awake? By hiding in the last row of the classroom and watching film of the previous Sunday's games on my laptop.
Brandon Josephsen, Miami

Mail Bonding

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