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December 05, 2005
Conditioned Athlete
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December 05, 2005


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As noted by Michael Farber in It's Working (Nov. 7), NHL scoring is indeed up. Seeing pucks go into the net, however, is down considerably--even for someone like me with 20/20 vision. When is the NHL going to get rid of the overly tight goal netting that cannot react to the impact of the puck? If you want to increase the appeal and excitement of the game even more, loosen up the nets.
Rick Caldwell, Lancaster, N.Y.

Hoop Dreams

Obviously, Beulah Walker--the distant relative who raised Trail Blazers rookie Martell Webster (Love and Basketball, Nov. 14)--never allowed the expression "poor me" to surface in her home. Both she and Webster are to be commended for continuing to strive for success instead of, like so many people, looking for excuses.
Sarah M. Johnson, Rocklin, Calif.

Webster has a great future, but he had better get a top-notch accountant. Driving a car to work is not a business expense.
David Paulson, Columbia, Md.

What Men Want

Thanks to Rick Reilly for his column about appearing on Oprah and trying to explain the average guy's behavior (LIFE OF REILLY, Nov. 7). We women disappoint only ourselves when we expect a man to act like a character in one of those romance novels with Fabio on the cover--a pillaging pirate with flowing hair and a penchant for amour. I happen to love a certain big guy who spends his Sundays on the couch with a beer, surrounded by his high school friends and watching the Dolphins on TV. I respect his need to wear the same jersey every week and the fact that he insisted on naming our children Miami and Daniel Marino. I wouldn't have him any other way.
Angela Danko, Streator, Ill.

Sign of the Apocalypse: Reilly on Oprah.
Jim Nowak, Strongsville, Ohio

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