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Just the Factoids, Ma'am
Steve Rushin
December 12, 2005
Sports trivia is one of those phrases, like tuna fish or armed gunman, whose redundancy goes unnoticed. Sports are inherently trivial, which makes sports trivia doubly trifling, the toy department within the toy department. It is of no consequence that Gaylord and Jim Perry, for five days in September 1975, had identical career pitching records of 215--174. So why did I commit that fact to memory? And why are you now doing the same?
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December 12, 2005

Just The Factoids, Ma'am

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And neither can you. So Bucky Harris, Gabby Hartnett and Joe Tinker are the baseball Hall of Famers who died on their own birthdays. Todd Zeile is the one player who hit more "Z" dingers--zingers?--than Zernial. And the game's highest career batting average belongs to former relief pitcher Terry (Fat Tub of Goo) Forster, who hit .397 in 78 career at bats.

Oh, and the answer to your final question: Yes, I will shut up now.

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