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Big Play with Steve Bosdosh
Steve Bosdosh
December 18, 2006
WHO: Marcel Siem
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December 18, 2006

Big Play With Steve Bosdosh

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WHO: Marcel Siem

WHAT: 15-yard chip to two feet

WHEN: First playoff hole at the World Cup

WHERE: 195-yard par-3 18th hole at Sandy Lane Country Club


Siem, 26, and Bernhard Langer, 49, didn't come out of nowhere to win the World Cup. The Germans came from Europe, which has the deepest pool of young talent in men's golf. Want proof? Four Euros under 30 are among the top 38 in the World Ranking. The top American under 30 is Lucas Glover--who's 39th. (Siem is 228th.) The Euros thrive thanks to coordinated amateur and pro development programs and tours and less spoiled players who work harder than Americans.


Thump It to Hit a Miniflop

To hit a miniflop from thick rough like Siem, pretend it's a bunker shot. Open the club face, quickly hinge the wrists going back, come down steeply and skip (top) the back of the club over the turf at impact instead of taking a divot (bottom). To get the feel of skipping, move to a fairway and take the same swing without a ball. The club should skid over the turf and make a thumping sound, leaving a burn mark on the grass.

Steve Bosdosh teaches at The Members Club at Fours Streams in Beallsville, Md.

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