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December 20, 2004
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December 20, 2004


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Vera Farrell, Bend, Ore.

Chris Ballard listed several scenarios under which the brawl could have been avoided (The Eye of the Storm, Nov. 29), but he overlooked the most obvious and basic one: Had Artest not committed the foul against Wallace in the first place, the ugly chain of events would never have started.

Jack Cipoletti, Charleston, W.Va.

It's time to put Ron Artest where he really belongs--in a hockey uniform.

Paul Vagnini, Windsor, Conn.

Sam Cassell says, "If the fans throw something, we've got to protect our honor." This seems to be the mentality of Artest and many other pro athletes--their image is everything and common sense is nothing.

Jeff Lesserson, Port Washington, N.Y.

On Sept. 15 a soccer match between AS Roma and Dynamo Kiev was abandoned at halftime after a spectator in Rome's Olympic Stadium hit the referee on the head with a thrown object. The league ordered AS Roma to forfeit the game 3--0 and to play its remaining two first-round home games in an empty stadium. If the NBA emulated this penalty, the loss of revenue might persuade teams to get serious about arena security.

Bob Altizer, Phoenix

It's hard to believe that about 10 years ago the biggest problem in the NBA was a forward wearing a wedding dress.

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