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Between-the-Lines Reading
Lisa Altobelli
December 20, 2004
When it came to being bookish in 2004, TO, Favre and others showed some spine
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December 20, 2004

Between-the-lines Reading

When it came to being bookish in 2004, TO, Favre and others showed some spine

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GIST: A naughty Hall of Famer tattles and names names.

SAMPLE: "After I confessed [to betting on NFL games], Rozelle wanted me to go somewhere with some FBI guys and take a lie-detector test. I refused, because I knew what they wanted to do. They wanted to ask me what I knew about other players, including some of my teammates, whom they suspected of betting. [John] Brodie, the 49ers' quarterback, and Len Dawson of the Kansas City Chiefs were suspects."

By Terrell Owens and Stephen Singular
Simon & Schuster, 270 pages, $23

GIST: The life story of the NFL's loudest receiver, starting with a hard Alabama childhood.

SAMPLE: "After my comments about Rat [ 49ers' QB Tim Rattay] to the reporters on Sunday, Jeff [Garcia] had told the media that there was a 'sickness' on the Niners, and he didn't want it to spread. I didn't have to guess what he was talking about. He was calling me a 'sickness,' and that was harsher than I'd been expecting."

By Brett Favre and Bonita Favre [Brett's mother] with Chris Havel
Rugged Land, 246 pages, $29.95

GIST: Green Bay's two-time Super Bowl-winning QB reflects on his career, team and family and how he dealt with the loss of his father, Irvin, last year.

SAMPLE: "Fans ask how I've been able to play for so long without missing a game. The easy answer is to say that it's because I'm so doggone tough, or as Mike Holmgren would say, because I'm so doggone hard-headed. The truth is it's probably a combination of things. I've been fortunate to play on winning teams with good offensive lines. I also tend to recoil, or step back, almost immediately after I throw a pass. I'm pretty sure that has kept my legs from getting tangled up under more than one pile."

By Simeon Rice with Mark Stewart
The Lyons Press, 261 pages, $22.95

GIST: The Bucs' controversial defensive end tells his side of every story--including Tampa Bay's Super Bowl run, and how he got kicked off the 2003 Pro Bowl team.

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