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December 15, 2006
15,672 Total FACES through Dec. 15, 2006
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December 15, 2006

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15,672 Total FACES through Dec. 15, 2006

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Age of Erwin Jaskulski (5/12/03), right, of Honolulu when he set world age-group track records in the 100 (36.49), 200 (1:27.85) and 400 meters (3:40.79). He died last March at 103.

Age of Steve Parsons (5/21/73), right, of Northfield, Ill., when he set 13 track and field records for his age group, including a 53.8-second mark in the 100-yard dash and a discus throw of 3'6½."

3 inches
Margin of victory by Puffer (12/22/80), an earthworm of undetermined age, in the 1980 Greater Claremont (N.H.) Invitational Worm Race. He completed the 18-inch course in five minutes.

176 miles, 346 yards
Distance covered by Marvin Skagerberg (2/7/83) at the 1983 CIC Indoor 48-Hour Footrace in Haverford, Pa., breaking the U.S. Masters record by 5.7 miles.

15.3 seconds
Record time in which Kerry Grimes (11/28/66), right, completed a three-barrel, 450-foot course to clinch the '66 national cowgirls barrel-racing championship.

33 hours, 29 minutes
Time it took Stacy Chanin (11/19/84), a senior at the University of Maryland, to swim three times around Manhattan. She became the first person to lap the borough thrice.

Times two athletes who would go on to become famous appeared on the same FACES page (Don Mattingly and Payne Stewart, 7/16/79); (Tony Dungy and Bill Walton, 1/26/70); and (Brad Friedel and Michelle Kwan, 2/22/93).

Sons or daughters of major league baseball players who have appeared as FACES, from Barbara Williams (right), daughter of Ted (1/8/62), to Reid Ryan, son of Nolan (8/13/84).

Redheaded Zender brothers (Pete, Nick, John, Lawrence, Jake, Dan, Jim, Bernie and Dick), below, who made up the Deming (Wash.) Loggers semipro team (6/25/56) that lost the Northwest League pennant by one game and ran the family logging business—the most siblings to appear in FACES.

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