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Jack McCallum
February 11, 1991
The Apple Turns
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February 11, 1991

The Nba

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Some of the Pacers were sitting around the hotel lobby in Milwaukee discussing the Middle East situation when second-year guard George McCloud inquired, "What's their God's name over there? Isn't it Allah or something?"

Teammate LaSalle Thompson joined the group in time to get only a vague notion of McCloud's question.

"Alaa?" said Thompson, believing the conversation to be about Portland rookie Alaa Abdelnaby. "He ain't a guard. He's a forward."

Clear Mandate: It's Grant

At 6'10", Horace Grant is two inches taller than his twin brother, Harvey. That, however, is about the only way to tell them apart—unless they're in uniform.

"Let me get it straight," said Nugget coach Paul Westhead when asked to choose his Grant for this SI poll. "Horace plays for the Bulls, Harvey for the Bullets. Right?" Right, Paul. (Westhead took Horace by the way.) Also, Horace, shown below without the protective goggles he now wears, is the one with the bulked-up physique. He weighs 220 pounds to Harvey's 200.

On the court their games are similar but not identical. Harvey is the more versatile offensive player, while Horace is superior as a rebounder. But both can bang bodies underneath as well as run the floor. Harvey has gotten increased playing time this season (owing to John Williams' being overweight and plagued by injury) and has blossomed. Horace's trademark has been consistency, but, like most of his teammates, he sometimes has trouble forging an identity on the Jordan-dominated Bulls. "Horace is sort of lost because he doesn't really have a role in their offense," said one coach in choosing Harvey. Another coach, however, picked Horace precisely because of his quiet acceptance of a difficult situation. "Horace has shown a lot of character in the way he's handled himself," said the coach. "He's under a lot of pressure to produce, and he has in playoff situations."

When all the votes were in ( Chicago and Washington weren't polled) and all the abstentions eliminated, the tally was—and isn't this just perfect?—10 votes for Horace and 10 votes for Harvey.

"As for which one is better looking, I'll take Harvey," said one Eastern Conference coach. "I don't like goggles."

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