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February 25, 1991
Prayers and FootballHooray for Rick Reilly. It's about time someone addressed the issue of religion in sports (POINT AFTER, Feb. 4). Sporting events are constantly used as soapboxes for religious promotion, an example of which is the frequent sight of huge banners held up citing New Testament verses.DAVID KATZ San Diego
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February 25, 1991


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So now when there's a game that I want to watch, I gather together my children, grab a stack of books, cut out the ridiculous babble of both announcers and advertisers, glance at the screen and catch all the action. Dads, try it. Your wife will be amazed.

? Murphy's article was prompted by a suggestion from Ivars Vancers of Glendora, Calif., who wrote us to say that he had timed the January 1990 Vikings- 49ers playoff game and discovered that the actual football action consumed 14 minutes, 47 seconds. Since Murphy found that the football action in last December's 49ers-Giants game amounted to just 12 minutes, it would seem that Gussin is gradually getting more time to spend with his children.—ED.

Baker's Catch
With all the celebrating over the remarkable performances of the Giants' Jeff Hostetler and Matt Bahr in the Super Bowl (High and Mighty, Feb. 4), let's not forget wideout Stephen Baker. His touchdown catch at the end of the second quarter sent New York into the locker room on a high note. Could you please give us a replay of that graceful catch?
Norwalk, Conn.

?Here it is.—ED.

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