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April 22, 1985
NO. 1 CATS Sir:How about them Cats? Congratulations to coach Rollie Massimino and his upstart NCAA champions. Villanova truly is a team of destiny. Curry Kirkpatrick (Shooting The Lights Out, April 8) did such a masterful job of capturing the character of Villanova and its basketball program that we 'Nova fans might forgive you for the lack of respect afforded the Wildcats in your weekly polls during the regular season.PAUL DISDIER Haddonfield, N.J.
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April 22, 1985

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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The Curious Case Of Sidd Finch reminded me of another baseball phenom, Charles (Victory) Faust (above). Charlie preceded Sidd by 74 years, but he is not the figment of anyone's imagination.

Charlie came from Marion, Kans., and on July 28, 1911 he walked out of the stands at old League Park in St. Louis in his Sunday best to "try out" for John McGraw and the New York Giants, who were in town playing the Cardinals. He had come to St. Louis because a fortuneteller had told him he'd become the greatest pitcher ever if he would help the Giants win the pennant.

Charlie was as slow as Sidd was fast. But he endeared himself to McGraw and became a good-luck mascot to the team by sitting on the bench. He brought such good luck, in fact, that the Giants won the pennant. And in the last week of the season McGraw made Charlie a bona fide major-leaguer by pitching him in two games. Throwing an inning apiece in two losing causes, Faust gave up two hits for a 4.50 career ERA.
Mission Woods, Kans.

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