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June 24, 1985
SOCCER TRAGEDYSir:I was deeply moved by Clive Gammon's article (A Day Of Horror And Shame, June 10). I was at the game in Belgium. I was in the section where the wall and fence collapsed. I'm a Liverpool fan, and I know that except for the 200 animals who started the riot, the other 18,800 Liverpool supporters there would like to apologize to the world for what happened.KEVIN BRODIE San Mateo, Calif.
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June 24, 1985

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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My compliments to Jill Lieber on the excellent article about the Tampa Bay Bandits (Rebels With A Good Cause, June 3). It's a shame that many of the owners in the USFL did not adhere to the league concept John Bassett discussed. Things might have turned out better. As a believer since 1983, I can only pray that Bassett makes a full recovery and that Tampa will have Bandit Ball for many springs to come.

Guys like Donald J. Trump, John Bassett and all the other USFL owners make me see red. They are classic examples of men with too much money and time on their hands and not enough sense to refrain from throwing it all away on one massive ego trip.

In spring football, they are giving us a product that nobody wants, if one is to believe attendance and TV figures. They have rigged an artificial game, with only one or two pro-caliber players per team, by paying huge salaries that they cannot afford. They are not only bankrupting their own league but the game as a whole. I can't wait until the USFL folds and the talent flocks back to the NFL. Until then, please spare me from having to read about the Bogus Football League.
Coconut Grove, Fla.

There are, of course, many examples of fathers and sons who have played in the major leagues. However, I wonder if my fellow SI readers can cite a World Series whose participants fathered as many major-leaguers as members of the 1960 Pirates and Yankees did. Of the Pirates, Vernon Law's son Vance is with the Expos, Ducky Schofield's boy Dick is with the Angels and Bob Skinner's offspring Joel, now with the Triple A Buffalo Bisons, played in 43 games for the White Sox last year. And Dale Berra, Yogi's son, is following in his father's Yankee footsteps. I believe these three 1960 Pirates and one Yank may have produced a baby boom.

I am an avid fan of ice hockey and watch the game as much as I possibly can. I've noticed that Wayne Gretzky always keeps the right side of his jersey tucked in behind his hip pad. I would greatly appreciate it if you could find out why The Great One does this. Is it simply a superstition or is there some logical reason for it?
Quakertown, Pa.

? Gretzky began the practice when he was very small and his hockey jerseys were too big. Now, it's a matter of superstition. Gretzky even fastens the jersey under his right hip pad to be sure that it stays tucked in there.—ED.

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