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How Did Heavyweight Boxing Become The Muddle It Is? Time For A Quiz
July 01, 1985
Since 1978, the last year something like sanity prevailed in heavyweight boxing, guys named Muhammad, Leon, Ken, Larry, John, Mike, Monte, Michael, Gerrie, Tim, Greg, Tony and Pinklon have all been champions. Confusing? You better believe it. If you weren't counting, there have been 13 champions in those seven years. If you count back 13 champions from '78, you will arrive at James J. Braddock, who won his title 50 years ago. It's even more unsettling to note that since 1885, when John L. Sullivan became the first modern champion, only 38 men have claimed boxing's most-prized title, and more than a third of them have done so since 1978. Something definitely is amiss, that's clear. What isn't always clear is what's going on. To better your understanding of the present and recent past, we offer the following exam.
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July 01, 1985

How Did Heavyweight Boxing Become The Muddle It Is? Time For A Quiz

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5. Whose idea was the IBF anyway? ——————

6. In a bodybuilding contest between Mike Weaver and Ken Norton the winner would be ——————.

7. In a bodybuilding contest among Greg Page, David Bey, Tony Tubbs and the Pillsbury Doughboy, the winner would be ——————.

8. The current light heavyweight champion is ——————.

9. Has any modern era light heavyweight champion ever defeated a heavyweight champion? ——————

10. Larry Holmes's next opponent will be ——————.

11. If Larry Holmes wins that fight, he will tie the alltime undefeated record for a heavyweight, held by ——————.

12. Whenever I see Don King, I want to ——————.

13. Whenever I see Bob Arum, I want to ——————.

14. The penalty for aggravated promotercide keeps me from ——————.

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