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July 22, 1985
FERNANDO FEEDBACKSir:Great article on Fernando Valenzuela (Something Screwy Going On Here, July 8), but I take exception to Ray Gonzales's comment that Hispanic-Americans consider Valenzuela a role model for not learning English and having "succeeded while not selling out." This points out the problem America faces as many try to convert us to a bilingual society. When Hispanic-Americans assimilate into the mainstream by speaking and using English, they are far from "selling out" but are "buying in" to the values and system that make their success possible.RICK CEADER Chicago
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July 22, 1985

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Fascinating how the female gets the quick thumb for doing anything the least dashing. Had McEnroe and Connors appeared in bodysuits, they would have been applauded for style. Anne White is told to return in a ladylike skirt.

Schenectady, N.Y.

How sexist can you get? You devote little enough space to women's sports—now you waste an entire spread on women's tennis outfits. "Men gasped"—you would think they had never seen a woman's body before.

A number of men's sports outfits are just as revealing. Are we women to assume that the men are dressed for sports just to titillate us?
Austin, Texas

As a Massillon native and former player under Mike Currence, I am embarrassed by the comments of school board president Thomas Kimmins in your July 1 issue (A Mauling In Tiger Town). Particularly irritating is Kimmins's comment, "After five years a coach has outlived his usefulness."

Granted, Currence's sixth season, 1981, was a disappointment to Tiger fans; however, the Tigers' 7-3 record included losses to Canton McKinley and Cincinnati Moeller, the AP No. 1 and 3 teams in the state at season's end. Currence was so "useless" in 1982 the Tigers could only finish the regular season with a perfect 10-0 record and win two playoff games before losing to Cincinnati Moeller in the state championship. In Currence's eighth season the Tigers finished 9-1 and were ranked fifth in the state by UPI.

This brings us to last fall, when the Tigers were actually fortunate to finish 6-4. Fortunate, because they played the first four games without their starting quarterback, who was injured. Mike Currence can hardly be blamed for that.

Also noticeably absent from discussions about Currence's dismissal are his accomplishments as athletic director. The past several years have seen Washington High evolve from strictly a one-sport school to one that possesses a consistently strong track and field program as well as a competitive wrestling unit. Not bad for a coach/athletic director who has lost his usefulness.

With such unsubstantiated comments coming from the school board president, it seems the board has lost its usefulness. Its mishandling of the situation has indeed, as local headlines read, "Blackened the Eye of the Tiger."

Why did your coverage of the U.S. Open have to begin, "Luckily, there was one American who could play..."?

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