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August 19, 1985
GUERRERO AND MATES Sir:Thank you for Jim Kaplan's cover story on Pedro Guerrero and the Dodgers (A Bolt Out Of The Dodger Blue, Aug. 5). No other player in the National League has contributed as much to his team's success as Pedro has.BOB LINDQUISTLos Olivos, Calif.
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August 19, 1985

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Take my advice and omit next year's swimsuit issue. It has already been rendered meaningless because we have beheld the sculptured magnificence of Camille Duvall. Her sister-in-law, Sue, is yummy, too.
Hanson, Mass.

In FOR THE RECORD (July 22) you noted the retirement of Pittsburgh Steeler linebacker Jack Lambert. On the very same day that Lambert announced his retirement at a press conference, Larry Brown, the veteran offensive tackle of the Steelers, also announced his retirement, without a press conference. Brown played more years in the NFL than Lambert, and he, too, was an important member of all four of the Steelers' Super Bowl championship teams. Although he was slowed by injuries the last couple of years, he was an All-Pro-caliber player. Not announcing his retirement publicly fits his personality perfectly, both as a player and as an individual. He is known as a quiet, unassuming guy who always did his job, especially in the big games against the NFL's best.
Greensburg, Pa.

Paul Zimmerman's story (The Long Way Up, July 22) on Howie Long of the Los Angeles Raiders brought back unforgettable memories for me from what was a very forgettable college football career. I last saw Long in 1980 when he was playing for Villanova and I was a placekicker for the University of Massachusetts. During a botched field-goal attempt, the center's snap sailed over my head. I turned to chase down the loose ball, and the last thing I remember was being hit by a Long forearm during the scramble. I never saw the football, but there were plenty of stars.

I feel better knowing that I am not the only person Long has terrorized during his outstanding career. I hope he continues to find good fortune in the NFL, especially now that I can see him from the safety of my seat.
Swansea, Mass.

We here at Plummer Home for Boys read the fine article by Paul Zimmerman about Howie Long. We also read what Howard Long Sr. had to say about Plummer Farm School. That was when it was a private reform school.

For the record, Plummer Farm School changed both its name and its orientation in 1958, when it became Plummer Home for Boys, a group-treatment home (licensed by the Massachusetts Office for Children) for neglected, homeless and emotionally hurt teenagers. Instead of having 40 to 50 boys here, as was the practice when it was a reform school, we now average 15 boys a year.

I have just retired after serving as director of Plummer Home for 20 years, and I know that the rough days of which Long Sr. speaks are long gone, as any boy here since 1958 can testify. We invite the Longs, Sr. and Jr., to visit us to see how Plummer has turned itself around. Now we, too, give a kid a chance, much as some very wonderful people gave young Howie a chance.
Former Director
Plummer Home for Boys
Salem, Mass.

Congratulations to Frank Deford for a truly outstanding depiction of the grandness of Bobby Orr ("Hello Again" To A Grand Group, Aug. 5). I have very fond memories of No. 4 at Boston Garden, and reading the story brought back that old feeling of excitement.
Lombard, Ill.

Nancy Lopez was one of the main reasons I became interested in the women's golf tour. I now follow Nancy's career, as well as the careers of other LPGA players. However, I feel that Nancy's charisma has been instrumental in the growth of women's golf.

It has been a while since you've featured a member of the Cleveland Indians. Unfortunately, N. Brooks Clark's article (Bando's Bat Needs A Band-Aid, Aug. 5) is not exactly the kind of recognition Chris Bando was looking for. I'm happy to see that you mentioned what a good season he had last year. Most fans are unaware of his capabilities.

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