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Paul Zimmerman
September 04, 1985
San Francisco 49ers coach Bill Walsh would prefer 100-man rosters, college-style. Then he could keep, say, 15 defensive linemen. He'd have one line for the 3-4 base defense and then another for the alternate base defense and a special pass-rushing four-man line, and an alternate one to keep the first line from getting too tired, and then he'd have a 15th guy he'd designate the AE, the Animal End. He'd use him for one pass rush a game, one key sack at the most crucial time. He'd keep him locked up in the back of a huge moving van, and at the right moment gongs would sound, the doors would fly open and out he'd come.
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September 04, 1985

Nfc West

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O.K., Dan, go for it. Go with Archer this year. Yeah, coaches hanging by a thread don't start rebuilding around free agent QBs, but what's there to lose? There's a good rookie wideout who can fly, Emile Harry. Henning's just wild about him. That should bring some excitement to Fulton County Stadium. It'll bring the fans back. It'll sell tickets and make money for the boss and, who knows, it just might win enough games to save the old joberoo.

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