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September 23, 1985
CRY FOR HELP Sir:I have followed Aaron Pryor's career for quite some time now, and the article (KO'd By His Demons, Sept. 9) by Pat Putnam made the tears roll down my cheeks. Today I was released from Talbot Hall, St. Anthony Hospital, in Columbus, Ohio following treatment for chemical (cocaine and alcohol) abuse. I can relate very well to Pryor's anger, confusion and paranoia. We still love Aaron in Ohio, and wish he would come home so we can help him. There is no way anyone can KO a problem like this alone. Don't hesitate to use my name. I'm not ashamed, just scared.MICHAEL R. MAYESLancaster, Ohio
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September 23, 1985

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Certainly, if made today. One Minute To Play would not stand up as a good sports film, but for the time it was made, it was good. Sam Wood was the director—later he directed Gone With The Wind with Victor Fleming, and many other fine films. My father, Byron Morgan Sr., wrote the script and worked with Grange and C.C. Pyle during production.
Venice, Calif.

That was a marvelous piece on Red Grange. One slight disagreement: Even in his reincarnation as a not-so-glib radio announcer. Red had his admirers. My mother, who was a very knowledgeable sports fan, always said, "I learned football from Red Grange."
Hosston, La.

In his article on Red Grange, John Underwood talks about the Golden Age of the '20s, the decade of great athletes. I am a 14-year-old sports fan, and I feel that I am living in a golden age. I also feel that 70 years from now people will be talking about Jack Nicklaus and Pete Rose as the greatest athletes ever. Or people will be saying. "Walter Payton was the greatest runner of all time." I think we should cherish the athletes we have now.
Mineral Point, Wis.

Great cover shot by Ronald C. Modra and great story by Craig Neff (Doctor K: Awesome And Then Some, Sept. 2) on a truly great pitcher, Dwight Gooden. He's got my vote for Sportsman of the Year.

Being an avid Mets fan, I was wondering if you would reprint all the SI covers that have featured Mets.
Rutherford, N.J.


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