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How Do You Like Your Hoops?
November 20, 1985
Uppermost in the minds of great thinkers these days is not only the question of how to stem the glut of shoe imports from Taiwan or which Coca-Cola to drink, but also the matter of which is the best college basketball conference in the land. This burning issue is hereby addressed with clarity, foresight and an occasional tongue in cheek by our three resident experts. Curry Kirkpatrick is a graduate of North Carolina, Alexander Wolff is an alumnus of Princeton, and Greg Kelly is a graduate of Georgetown. Kirkpatrick says the Big East is tops. Wolff says it's the ACC. Kelly says the Big Ten.
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November 20, 1985

How Do You Like Your Hoops?

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KIRKPATRICK: Check out your recent Rose Bowl scores.

WOLFF: Check out Big Ten basketball excellence. Six teams in NCAA play won a total of four games in the '85 tournament. No Final Four teams since '81. Pathetic.

KELLY: So the Big Ten had a down year.

KIRKPATRICK: Down year? Michigan, the undisputed league champion, enters the NCAAs and barely gets by Fairleigh Dickinson. Fairleigh Dickinson couldn't make the Big East suburban division. 'Nova, tied for third in the Big East, with a 9-7 record, whips Michigan and everybody else.

WOLFF: Bottom-line time. I say that in any three-year period every ACC team—Clemson and Wake Forest included—will have two or three major nonconference victories. Each and every ACC team. No other league can say that.

KIRKPATRICK: Can Wake Forest really beat anybody good anymore?

WOLFF: Knocked DePaul out of the NCAAs two years ago.

KIRKPATRICK: An awesome feat indeed. Put NCAA TOURNAMENT on your wall, and you can beat DePaul in the privacy of your own home. Isn't Wake Forest the team with a 4'2" midget? Give me a break.

WOLFF: Why should I even have to defend a team that can win with a 4'2" midget?

KIRKPATRICK: Oh, really? Now how many games is Wake Forest going to win with Buggsy Moles or whoever he is? Go right out on that short limb.

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