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January 24, 1983
ENLIGHTENED FOOTBALLSir:Congratulations to John Underwood for his fine article on Notre Dame (Casting a Special Light, Jan. 10). I was very impressed by his unbiased and honest approach to the story. As a former varsity hockey player at Notre Dame who never really saw any action—I was a walk-on—I can attest to the fact that athletes there do not receive any special privileges and are not treated any differently from the rest of the student body. As Underwood said, being able to schedule our classes so that they didn't conflict with practice was the only so-called benefit. We were allowed to sign up for courses before the rest of the student body and before the courses in high demand became full.
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January 24, 1983

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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In his article To the Limit and Beyond (Dec. 27-Jan. 3), Kenny Moore masterfully weaves his philosophy of road racing with exercise science. Moore experienced several exercise-related medical problems during the Great Hawaiian Footrace that are not uncommon in competitive runners. For the record, "heart-blood red" accurately describes the color of Moore's urine specimen, which was bright red and grossly bloody, not dark red or the burgundy color of myoglobinuria as suggested by Gary Newman, M.D. (19TH HOLE, Jan. 10) in his armchair diagnosis of this problem. Numerous free and clotted red blood cells were visible on microscopic inspection.

Such cases of transient bloody urine in runners are typically not associated with impaired kidney function. Of the 25 male runners we studied during the Great Hawaiian Footrace, none showed any evidence of acute kidney failure.

Also it should be noted that Moore's blood tests were positive for elevation of both skeletal muscle and heart enzymes. The significance of these findings will be discussed in a medical journal article, where the data will be available for standard peer review.
Director, Exercise Laboratories
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, Mich.

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