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Giles Tippette
February 14, 1983
When Blinn College gave me my football letter sweater 28 years after I won it, I never thought it was going to cause me so much trouble. If I had, I guarantee you I would have turned it down.
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February 14, 1983

A Good Ol' Texan Gets His Football Letter Sweater, But 28 Years Late

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I said, "Whaaat?"

He said. "The game account says that Bobby Lynch broke through the middle for 26 yards to score the winning touchdown."

Well, there wasn't a whole bunch I could say at that point.

But I brooded about it. I wouldn't even wear the letter sweater because I felt like it had been tarnished. Besides, have you ever seen anything sillier than a middle-aged man walking around in a brand-new letter sweater?

However, for you ex-athletes out there' who've got as fat a belly as I do, this story has a happy ending.

I wouldn't let up. I finally called my mother who'd been at the game and she confirmed what I've said. However, what she remembered best, as a mother will, is about me being carried off the field when I got hurt. When I mentioned about the winning touchdown she acted like it was an accomplished fact. She said, "Well of course. Coach Butler came over and told me you won the game for them."

That's a mother for you.

But I wouldn't let it stop there. I wasn't about to let them take away the main truth about my athletic career. The Banner-Press notwithstanding, I knew I'd scored that touchdown.

Besides—I've already explained about the extent of our following—the newspaper might not have even had a reporter there that day. After all, Victoria is more than 100 miles from Brenham. And if it had, he might have been unable to see the players' numbers clearly on account of the field lights and the shadows they caused. Or he might have been out getting a hot dog at just that crucial instant. Anything might have happened.

So I finally called the Banner-Press, and they were pretty nice about it. Even though it was before his time, Managing Editor Arthur Hahn knew me and knew the story and, though he wouldn't exactly admit that the Banner-Press might have made a mistake about the game, he did say he'd heard about several mistakes being made on other papers. He also said as far as they were concerned, my version was correct. I suggested a present-day front-page correction, nothing beyond reason, just a short five-paragraph box, but he thought, given the time that had passed, that might be excessive.

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