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March 28, 1983
COVERING PETE ROSE Sir:I enjoyed your superb March 14 cover showing the reunion of three terrific ballplayers—Pete Rose, Joe Morgan and Tony Perez—and the accompanying article In Philadelphia, They're the Wheeze Kids. However, that was a misguided jibe that Rose made to Perez, when Rose said, "You caddied for Yastrzemski. How does it feel to be caddying for a real ballplayer now?" Yaz has been a great player for years. And this comment comes from a player who in 1978 whined when Atlanta's Gene Garber threw him nothing but junk during the time at bat that ended his National League-record hitting streak at 44. Tsk, tsk, Pete.BOB DAVIESUpper Montclair, N.J.
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March 28, 1983

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Even so, Julius and I stayed after each practice and went one-on-one. I had almost a foot on Julius, but he was a fierce competitor. I beat him most of the time, but he would never complain that I was too tall. He would just keep trying and trying harder. When he won he was a gracious winner, and when he lost he took it well, his sportsmanship showing even then.

My career, however, did not blossom like Erving's. An unfortunate accident ruined both my knees that year. I was never to play with Julius again, but he kept in contact with me during the long months in the hospital. Even if the 76ers do not win the championship this year, I want Philadelphians to realize what a true winner Erving is.
Basking Ridge, N.J.

The swimsuit feature (Falling for Jamaica, Feb. 14) struck a nerve with me. As a certified interior horticulturist I applaud photographer Walter Iooss's use of the Pandanus utilis as a perch for the nerve-striking Cheryl Tiegs. However, a few pages later, there's Carol Alt, also a horticulturist's delight, posing at Port Antonio not amid philodendrons, as you say, but amid Epipremnum aureum, commercially known as pothos or devil's ivy.

As the national chairperson for the Interior Plantscape Association's Technical Advisory Council I felt a need to write this letter of correction. The thrust of my chairpersonship is to create consumer awareness of tropical foliage plants. I can't think of a better way than SI's pairing of beautiful women with beautiful plants.
Van Nuys, Calif.

I disagree with E.M. Swift's contention (The Thrill of a Lifetime, March 7) that Minnesota's high school hockey tourney is "perhaps" the premier schoolboy tournament in the country. Anyone who has ever lived in Indiana knows that the boys basketball tournament here is No. 1. Since 1911, any school in the state can participate and the small-school large-school confrontation makes the tourney second to none in drama and excitement.

There were 400 schools already entered by 1921 and the number of entries swelled to a high of 787 by 1938. Because of a number of consolidations, closings and the like, the schools entered is down to fewer than 400 today. Still, the final round last year drew two 17,000-plus crowds in one day, and more than a million other fans watched on a seven-channel statewide network.

If you want to do an article on the oldest, largest, most prestigious and coveted schoolboy championship in the country, experience Hoosier hysteria sometime.
Osceola, Ind.

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