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And They're Off!
Ken Dallison
May 02, 1983
Last sparing I packed my pen and ink and traveled to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby. I've put my impressions of the race and the rites that go with it into a series of sketches, including this one of the start. When the horses broke from the gate I was only 10 feet away and I could feel the incredible power being released. It was more startling than a lift-off of the space shuttle.
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May 02, 1983

And They're Off!

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Did you know that until 1918 it was frowned on for a woman to place her own bets at Churchill Downs?

On Derby Day it's warm and sunny and the crowd is in constant motion: finding seats, meeting friends, placing bets.

For $5 you can park your cat on someone's front Lawn.

These two tickets on the Derby winner are worth $2,220.

At that price no wonder they let you keep the glass.

No one's lonely in the infield. you don't see much racing there-which is a shame because the 1982 Derby was a dilly of an upset-but everyone has a good time. The morning after can be a little tough, though.

The grandstand crowd roars as the horses turn for home. El Baba's jockey wields his whip as tries to break clear, but moving up on the outside, just entering the picture, is Gato del sol, on his was to winning the 108th Kentucky Derby.

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