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June 27, 1983
THE SIXERSSir: Bruce Newman deserves a special accolade for his remarks about Julius Erving, whose actions after the Philadelphia 76ers won the NBA title showed why he has always been a true champion (Thou Shalt Rejoice, Said Moses, June 13). Even upon ending six years of tremendous frustration, Erving remained poised and dignified, a gracious winner. Congratulations, Doc, and thank you. You really never owed us anything; indeed, we are indebted to you for all you have done for the NBA, for Philadelphia and for the nation.JOHN P. LYNSKEY Philadelphia
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June 27, 1983

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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I take vehement exception to reader William Macdonald's criticism of Rocky Marciano (19TH HOLE, June 13). He notes Marciano's lack of reach and height and claims that those shortcomings would have prevented him from combating Holmes's jab, had they ever-met. What Macdonald seems unaware of is the way the Rock fought. Undoubtedly the strongest man to hold the title, Marciano fought in a low crouch that transformed him into a human battering ram, able to take the hardest punches while relentlessly coming back as if nothing had happened. His own blows were heavy and deadly; he knocked out 88% of his opponents. Because of his lack of height, he bullied his opponents to the ropes and whacked them about the body until their legs died. To assume that Holmes could dance away from such an assault is wishful thinking.

But more than anything else, the one attribute—the one intangible—that put the Rock head and shoulders above them all was heart.
Des Moines

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