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September 19, 1983
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September 19, 1983


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Rich recently told SI's Armen Keteyian that Green felt threatened by a "savvy, sophisticated New York woman" and that her firing stemmed from her refusal to act as a flack for the Dodgers, whose games KABC broadcasts. She also said Green didn't take her role as a sports commentator or her professional ambitions seriously, and KABC management "resented the fact that I...resisted becoming a member of their 'family.' "

Green, in effect, agrees. "The fact is, she wasn't a very nice person around the station," he says. "She didn't fit into the team." He says she offended management with, among other things, "an abrasive, self-centered attitude."

Enter Rich's replacement, Lisa Bowman, 30, a former actress and dancer who was the contest runner-up. She is, according to Green, "a team player." Bowman's current duties as Sportstalk's $25,000-a-year distaff voice include emceeing a baseball joke contest in which winners read their funnies over the air.

The Talent Search may have been a publicity gimmick gone sour, but Sportstalk's ratings jumped dramatically during Rich's month on the job, and they're continuing apace under Bowman. In the meantime, Rich, so set on serious broadcasting, is eyeing TV. "Please, God," she says. "I hope something happens."

Detroit Tigers Pitcher Jack Morris has been scouring the real-estate listings for some time, now that he has a $3.2 million contract, not to mention a wife and two kids. But when a real-estate broker recently escorted him through prospective digs in one of suburban Motown's tonier neighborhoods, Morris balked upon spotting a picture of Carl Yastrzemski on a wall. "I could never live here," he said. "I'd have nightmares."

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