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Time to wake up and retire
Demmie Stathoplos
December 12, 1983
After 27 straight wins (yawn), Cam Fella is about to hang up his harness
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December 12, 1983

Time To Wake Up And Retire

After 27 straight wins (yawn), Cam Fella is about to hang up his harness

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Naturally, before any of this took place, Clements, who admits he didn't know what a ridgeling was before he bought Cam Fella, called a veterinarian who affirmed that the horse could be bred. In Cam Fella's case, one testicle is descended and, says Crowe, "It's so large, it's like two on another horse." However, the call that Clements made to the vet was hardly what made investors reach for their wallets. Cam Fella also was tested in the breeding shed. But—the indignity of it all!—he wasn't allowed to try out a real flesh-and-blood mare. Rather, the breeders trotted out a fake mare, called a "phantom," made out of steel and foam padding. Then they brought in a live "teaser" mare to rouse Cam's interest, and he successfully "inseminated" the ersatz mare—which is probably better than never having loved at all. The upshot of all of this was the almost $6 million syndication.

Last week Cam Fella traveled to Florida to race in the Miller High Life Golden Mile at Pompano Park. Naturally, he won, beating Armbro Aussie again, this time by a length in 1:54[1/5]—another track record—to chalk up his 27th straight win and to add $25,000 to his earnings. Next it's on to his finale at Greenwood. Clements is already nostalgic about Cam's leaving the racing circuit. "We've had two years most people only dream about," he says.

One thing is clear: It can truly be said that the two Normans bought a sleeper. Now if Cam can only stay awake during his retirement party....

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