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January 30, 1984
CBS'S MUSBURGER Sir:Chalk up another one. You've done it again! Amid all the talk of the Super Bowl and the NFL vs. the USFL, you've informed America about one of the best "quarterbacks"—if not the best—of a pregame show, Brent Musburger (Not Just Another Pretty Face, Jan. 16). William Taaffe not only portrayed Musburger as a true professional, but he also pointed out Brent's lighter side. The article was a pleasure to read.MICHAEL E. FITZHARRIS Centerville, Ohio
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January 30, 1984

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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The award is supposed to go to the best college football team in the East. I admit that there was no truly great team in that part of the country this season, but I was surprised to see BC beat out West Virginia in the Lambert voting. Each school played a rugged schedule and finished with a 9-3 record. (One of West Virginia's losses was to Miami, the eventual national champion.) However, Don Nehlen's Mountaineers finished ahead of the Eagles in all of the end-of-the-year polls that I have seen, and BC lost its Liberty Bowl game to Notre Dame 19-18, while West Virginia defeated Kentucky 20-16 in the Hall of Fame Bowl. Even more important, the Mountaineers beat the Eagles by 10 points in Boston on Sept. 24.

I'm sure Nehlen and his players are wondering about the criteria used in the Lambert voting process, just as Auburn is no doubt wondering about the voting for the national championship.
Columbia, Md.

In regard to the observation made by SPORTS ILLUSTRATED correspondent Ted O'Leary concerning this year's bowl games (SCORECARD. Jan. 16), I believe I can offer an even greater constant. On Jan. 2 the team that won in all five games started the game going right-to-left on the television screen. I should know, I lost a total of 10 bets to my parents because I had left-to-right in our family wagers this year.
Interlochen, Mich.

I read Bil Gilbert's article Look What's Holed Up in Chicago with great interest. I am a painter currently concentrating on the Carolina parakeet. My plans include a large triptych entitled Threnody, which will show the birds in their natural habitat along with scenes depicting their extermination.

I have included a 35-mm slide (below) showing a preliminary work on this subject. The painting shows the Carolina parakeet in orthographic views. I thought the readers of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED might be interested in seeing a more complete image of our only native parrot. The photograph by Tom McHugh that accompanied your article was certainly eloquent in evoking the tragedy of the bird's demise. In the orthoraphic views I have shown a slightly more dispassionate image, because my study is really a series of personal notes. I feel my triptych will be far less dispassionate from an ecological point of view.

The study is based on examination of actual specimens in the collection of the Department of Ornithology of the American Museum of Natural History.
New York City

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