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Robert L. Miller
March 12, 1984
Staff writer Jaime Diaz, who is 30, has been in search of a clear identity ever since Career Day in third grade at St. Emydius School in San Francisco. Even at the age of eight he wanted to be a sportswriter, so he tucked a piece of cardboard marked PRESS into the band of his grandfather's fedora. He also wanted to be a golfer, so he wore a cardigan and carried a putter.
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March 12, 1984

Letter From The Publisher

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"Just put your hands up against the car and spread your legs, Diaz."

Diaz was put under arrest. He'd forgotten to pay an old fine for driving with a mutilated driver's license.

"Where are we going?" asked Diaz as the cop led him away.

"To the Hall of Justice."

"Oh, good," said Diaz. "I was going there anyway."

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