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Frank Deford
August 20, 1984
After Carl Lewis won his third and last individual gold medal, in the 200 meters, the first thing he said was, "I'm really glad to get all of this over." Edwin Moses had won 90 finals in a row, but he offered the same sentiment after his Olympic triumph in the intermediate hurdles. Throughout the Olympics, from many other athletes, this expression of relief was the one we heard again and again. How sad that is.
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August 20, 1984

Olympic Scorecard

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The single most unfair thing in the Olympics is to allow a nation to use different competitors through the course of a relay competition, so that a strong country like the U.S. can employ second-stringers for the qualifying heats and then bring in fresh stars to rout the poor tired devils who've been competing all along.

In Los Angeles, a widely heard rumor is that Ueberroth will only keep the baseball commissioner's seat warm, returning to California in either '86 or '88 to run for the Senate.

Remember when shamateurism was such an Olympic issue? Certainly, we all assumed that for professionals to be allowed into the Games a great formal to-do would have to be made, with all sorts of threats and power blocs, compromises and stormy voting. Instead, professionalism has just sort of oozed into acceptance, and amateurism has ended with a whimper, not a bang.

I come away from Los Angeles with the feeling that the Olympics could learn a great deal from that example. For all the forced and highly exaggerated discussion about mankind and ideals, spirit and goodwill, these worthy things would be better served—and the fine aspirations of the Olympics possibly even approached—if everybody involved would just shut up and stop hyping the Games artificially and let the Olympics speak for themselves.

Seoul osinun gus, whan young ham ni da. (Welcome to Seoul.)

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