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September 17, 1984
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September 17, 1984


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"We were looking for an opening-night promotion," deadpans Furman, who had announced the nuptials with a press release inviting all media to attend. Cincinnati's WKRC-TV obliged by covering the ceremony live.

Rabbi Sol Greenberg performed the unusual service and as Furman relates it, "When he saw the television people and reporters, he said, 'We aren't going to make this a three-ring circus.' I said, 'I'm a p.r. man! What do you expect?' "

Furman, who has postponed his honeymoon until after the meeting ends next April, had hoped that his wedding would help break Latonia's opening-night attendance record of 11,117, set on the track's first day of operation, Aug. 27, 1959. But only 5,251 race-goers and wedding-goers turned out, prompting Furman to protest, "I'm not doing it again." Nevertheless, he took comfort in the fact that the attendance was 300 above last year's opening-night figure and that the handle increased by $104,000, to $645,364 ("It must've been my relatives"). All in all, said the bridegroom, "This was probably one of the best promotions I ever came up with."

A CBS promotional ad last week in The New York Times pictured John McEnroe playing righthanded. A spokesman for CBS blamed the mistake on an engraver's "artistic judgment." According to the embarrassed spokesman, the fellow flipped the photo because he thought it looked better that way.

In the effort to be faithful both to the truth and to commercial exigencies, TV sports announcers must walk a fine line. For Atlanta announcer Skip Caray, the task was complicated during a recent Braves-Cubs game by the loyalty he also feels to his father, Cubs announcer Harry Caray, who was covering the game on a rival cable network. As the Braves, trailing 8-3, came to bat in the bottom of the 10th inning, the younger Caray, touching all bases, said: "If you promise to watch Susan Anton [appearing on the Braves' channel in the movie Goldengirl after the game] and you promise to patronize our sponsors, you have our permission to turn [to the other channel] and watch my dad, and we'll see you tomorrow night."

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