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December 17, 1984
THE MAGIC OF FLUTIE Sir:A Perm State graduate and die-hard Nittany Lion supporter now living in Boston, I've had an opportunity to watch Doug Flutie play on numerous occasions, including his four outstanding performances against my alma mater. His competitiveness, quarterbacking skill and outlook on the sport have never ceased to impress me. John Underwood (It Wasn't A Fluke. It Was A Flutie, Dec. 3) was correct in stating, "It doesn't matter if he ever plays a down of pro football...." Flutie is the epitome of everything college athletics stands for. He will be more than missed.ROBERT J. CLARKE Boston
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December 17, 1984

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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I take exception to McCallum's use of the 1983 world championship results as a barometer of rowing as an American sport. The U.S. men's and women's eights won silver and gold medals, respectively, at the 1984 Olympic Games. Both beat the East Germans and set world best times on a still-water (no current) course in the Lucerne, Switzerland regatta a month before the Games. (Rowing doesn't keep world records.)

Our international teams are strong, and the number of registered competitive rowers has doubled in the last five years. Rowing may not be a "major" American sport yet, but McCallum should be ready for a few more surprises.
Director of Communications
United States Rowing Association

Your picture of Kathy Smith reminded us of how much we look forward to your annual swimsuit issue. Here in Corvallis, we're severely depressed over coach Joe Avezzano's ouster, and the "gloriously chiseled" Smith is a real uplift. Please, put her in the 1985 swimsuit issue.
Corvallis, Ore.

In the article Dear Chris (Nov. 26) Bill Brubaker leads off with a letter to Chris Washburn from head basketball coach Dean Smith of the University of North Carolina. For some reason the word "academically" was omitted from the sentence "Let me encourage you to work very hard [academically] during your high school career...."

Unfortunately for Chris, his grades weren't high enough and he was not recruited by North Carolina after his junior year.
New Bern, N.C.

Bill Brubaker is sharp in his criticisms of "false impressions" created by certain basketball coaches regarding their programs. I hope he can take it as well as he dishes it out, because he created a false impression of his own when he referred to " Bill Foster, then coach at South Carolina, now at Miami...."

Bill Foster is still head coach at South Carolina. The other Bill Foster, formerly of Clemson, is now at Miami.

But that's O.K. After all, Brubaker is only human, like Lefty and the rest.
Longwood, Fla.

How good is Chris Mullin (Just A Guy From Da Naybuhhood, Nov. 26)? He's this good:

When I first had the pleasure of seeing him play, I was a 36-year-old two-sport fan—baseball and pro football. Then I attended a University of Connecticut vs. St. John's Big East matchup. When I saw Mullin in motion, I knew he was something special. He's a joy to watch. Every aspect of his game is superior, and played with intensity, grace and high style.

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