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December 09, 1985
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December 09, 1985


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Sandy (Spin) Slade was an eighth-grader in Solon Springs, Wis. when she became enchanted with the idea of spinning basketballs. "I saw a woman at camp who spun four balls at a time on arrow tips," says Slade, now a senior guard at Fresno State. "I was totally amazed. I went home and started putting, like, pencils between my toes and trying to spin balls on them. At the time it seemed impossible."

But Slade worked at her ball-twirling skills as much as four hours a day in high school, and now, as the photo above indicates, is able to keep seven basketballs spinning at once. First, she tapes arrow tips to both shoes, dons Velcro knee straps with arrow tips sewed into them and puts in a special rubber mouthpiece. Then, in order, she gets balls spinning on her left foot, right foot, left knee, right knee, mouth, left hand and right hand. "It takes about 30 to 40 seconds to get them all going," she says, "and I hold them for about five seconds." The spinning display is part of a 30-minute ball-handling show that Slade has performed throughout the country. Among other things, she can also dribble three balls behind her back at the same time. Slade isn't bad with just one ball either. She's averaging 10 points per game this season for the Bulldogs. But she's eager to graduate and take her show on the road full-time. "I want to go out and perform wherever I can," she says. "I really love to do it."

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