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And now...heeeere's Heidi!
William Taaffe
December 23, 1985
It's time to celebrate the best, worst and weirdest in TV sports
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December 23, 1985

And Now...heeeere's Heidi!

It's time to celebrate the best, worst and weirdest in TV sports

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WORST JOURNALISM—Dead heat between CBS and NBC. Incredibly, CBS ignored the breaking Tulane basketball point-shaving scandal throughout the final weekend of the NCAA tournament. And NBC never once specifically mentioned baseball's drug problems during some 40 hours of the playoffs.

BEST STUDIO SHOW—ABC's College Football Scoreboard. Jim Lampley & Co. were all over the rule-breaking players and boosters and had up-to-the-minute scores. Beano Cook predicted in Week 3 that Penn State would play Oklahoma for the national championship.

WORST LIVE TELECAST—Alexis Arguello's comeback fight, syndicated nationally by Tiffany Productions. Producers Frank and Rich Belmonte missed Frankie Warren's knockout of Michael Bradley on the undercard because they were replaying a low blow from the previous round.

HEIDI'S KEN AND BARBIE LOVING CUP—To Ahmad Ra-shad ( NBC) for proposing on NFL '85 to Phylicia Ayers-Allen, Bill Cosby's TV wife. What self-absorption. As Phil Mushnick of the New York Post wrote, "You won't want to miss next week's show...when Phylicia and Ahmad go shopping for a dinette set." The couple got married last Saturday.

BEST CAMERA WORK—NBC, for the baseball playoffs. Coordinating producer Harry Coyle's crew knows baseball so well that when Toronto's George Bell threw to the wrong base against the Royals, the cameramen instinctively covered the right base before catching up with the action. Coyle 1, Bell 0.

TITANIC AWARD FOR DISASTER AT SEA—ABC for botching the switch of its national feed from the Penn State-Notre Dame blowout to a tight Auburn-Georgia game on Nov. 16. It took three tries. Then, even WNEP-TV in Scranton, Pa., which was supposed to stay with Penn State, wound up getting Auburn.

MOST MEMORABLE SHOTS—1) Golfer Payne Stewart and his wife holding hands and walking forlornly through a field after he blew the Byron Nelson Classic ( Frank Chirkinian, CBS); 2) Lawrence Taylor of the Giants waiting anxiously for the medics after his hit caused Theismann's leg fracture ( Chet Forte, ABC).

PENCIL-NECKED GEEK TROPHY—To Hulk Hogan for putting a headlock on Richard Belzer, host of Hot Properties, on the cable-TV Lifetime network show. Belzer lost consciousness, hit the floor and suffered a gash in his head that required nine stitches.

HEIDI MONIKER MEDAL—To ESPN studio host Chris Berman who went overboard with nicknames until he was told to cool it. His baseball dream team: Oddibe (Young Again) McDowell, Butch (Oil And) Wynegar, Rick (Innocent) Lysander, Glenn (Hey) Abbott, Jose (Can You See) Cruz and Julio (Won't You Let Me Take You On a Sea) Cruz.

BEST INTERVIEW—Dick Schaap (ABC) with Pete Rose just after the hit. Schaap asked Rose what he would say to Cobb if he could meet him. "I'd take a batting lesson from him," Rose said. "I'd try to do things that would make me a better hitter."

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