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March 03, 1980
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March 03, 1980


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The situation at USC means that the Pac-10, which was already staggering under evidence of transcript irregularities at UCLA, Arizona State, Oregon and Oregon State, now finds itself with yet another trouble spot. While discussing his conference's growing epidemic of academic abuses, Pac-10 Executive Director Wiles Hallock said recently, "You better believe we're concerned. I'm not surprised at anything I hear anymore. Why, at USC there is more sympathy from the faculty and the students for the athletic department than just about any place you can name. The athletic department practically is USC."


One day a leading performer lunged into the crowd to defend the honor of his gorgeous wife, who was being bothered by a paying customer. Another day an official went rushing forward to upbraid a star for boorish behavior. And on both occasions onlookers went bananas.

Professional wrestling? No, the two incidents occurred last week at a World Championship Tennis tournament in Salisbury, Md. The chivalrous fellow who went into the stands was Jimmy Connors. He had just lost to Vijay Amritraj 6-3, 6-2, when he saw his wife Patti, a former Playboy Playmate of the Year, suffering the unwanted advances of a masher. Connors was on the scene in a trice and landed a blow before he and the cad were separated. As for the enraged official, well, that was Mike Davies, the WCT's executive director. Ilie Nastase was stalling and using abusive language during a match against Amritraj when Davies burst onto the court and took down the net. When the week's excitement was finally over, Connors (yea!) had a bruised left hand, Nasty (boo!) had a disqualification and it was probably only the necessity of completing the tournament—Bjorn Borg beat Amritraj 7-5, 6-1, 6-3 in the finals—that prevented the WCT from bringing on the tagteam matches.

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