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March 13, 1980
Denny Crum, University of Louisville basketball coach, on his contract: "I'm getting $300,000, but over 150 years."
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March 13, 1980

They Said It

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Fred Akers, the University of Texas football coach: "Football doesn't take me away from my family life. We've always watched films together."

Jason Thompson, Detroit Tiger first baseman, after Manager Sparky Anderson announced a ban on jeans: "There goes my wardrobe."

Rocky Bleier, balding Pittsburgh Steeler running back: "I'd like the body of Jim Brown, the moves of Gale Sayers, the strength of Earl Campbell and the acceleration of O. J. Simpson. And just once I would like to run and feel the wind in my hair."

Rinus Michels, Los Angeles Aztec coach, estimating how many years it would take to come up with a United States citizen who's a great soccer player: "Five. That's how long it takes for naturalization, isn't it?"

Tommy John, New York Yankee pitcher, discussing his arm surgery of five years ago: "When they operated on my arm, I asked them to put in Koufax' fastball. They did. But it turned out to be Mrs. Koufax'."

Walt Michaels, New York Jet coach: "Everyone has some fear. A man who has no fear belongs in a mental institution. Or on special teams."

Jim Marshall, on managing the Oakland A'S: "It makes you rethink the importance of being in the major leagues."

Monte Clark, Detroit Lion coach, on Larry Csonka: "When he goes on safari, the lions roll up their windows."

Milton Berle, "My doctor recently told me that jogging could add years to my life. I think he was right. I feel 10 years older already."

Art Modell, Cleveland Browns owner, on the fact that he and other NFL bosses share TV money and gate receipts: "We're 28 Republicans who vote socialist."

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