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Paul Zimmerman
September 08, 1980
For 58 minutes the game grinds on as the teams probe each other's weaknesses, trying to establish a ground game to make the passing attack work, or a passing game to make the ground attack work, take your pick. Then the clock strikes 2:00, so to speak, and suddenly bombs start bursting in air. It's time for Two-Minute Football, the action part of any National Football League game, when the hurry-up offense meets the prevent defense and the quarterback goes head to head against such creatures as the nickel back and the dime back—and, yes, even the penny back. It's a time for keen eyes, sharp minds, cool hands and fast feet, but not a fluttering heart.
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September 08, 1980


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"It's a strange time in a football game," Staubach says. "Sometimes you just get a feel that things are going to happen."

"We've always fallen short in the last two minutes," says Levy. "We've come from behind, but haven't been able to hold it. I have yet to win a game in the last two minutes at Kansas City. Until we do, we haven't matured as a team.

"That's the sign. That's what I'm waiting to experience. To steal one that looks like it's lost."


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