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September 29, 1980
JUNIOR'S BEHAVIOR Sir:Regarding the U.S. Open tennis championships (Round Two to the Kid, Sept. 15), we may never again witness such classic matches as McEnroe-Connors and McEnroe-Borg. The greatness of the play came through despite McEnroe's unforgivable behavior. If he ever learns the meaning of the words humble, class and sportsmanship, he could very well be the best player in history. However, as long as the sport allows the indignities he inflicted on the umpire, especially in the Connors match, then tennis will continue to breed his type. That's sad.B.F. HOCKINGSWelland, Ontario
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September 29, 1980

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Waller Iooss Jr.'s cover picture of John McEnroe (Sept. 15) is outstanding. However, his shot of McEnroe serving, on pages 16-17 of the same issue, is one of the most beautiful sports photographs Eve ever seen.
Marlboro, N.J.

Thanks to Frank Deford for his well-researched story It's V-I-R-G-I-N-I-A-A-A-A! (Sept. 15). As a long-suffering Virginia alumnus, I agree with the new attitude sweeping Charlottesville: Hey, what's so bad about winning for a change?

As to Deford's allusions to the partying and road trips at The University, did anyone ever tell you about the "weekend" road trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras in '64 when....
Class of' 66
Reston, Va.

Kudos for the tremendous and timely portrayal of U. Va. However, Frank Deford's presumption about the derivation of the name Hookville is incorrect. At The University, a "hook" is a slang expression for a grade of C. perhaps because of the letter's shape. Charlottesville is commmonly referred to as C'ville. Substitute hook for C, and you have Hookville.

As for losing, I and many other fervent Wahoos have spent many years deep in the valley. Deford ably illustrated the high plateau in sight. I can assure him that we not only could throw The Victory Party, but we would, and we will.
School of Medicine
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, Va.

When you "hooked" a course at U. Va. and received The Gentleman's C, it was the same as saying that you didn't do much work and just got by. I know this all too well, because during my student years there, I too often drank from the wrong Jefferson Cup—a pewter vessel originally designed by T.J. himself—and hooked many a course.
Portland, Maine

As a student at The University, I agree that "sports are in." You neglected to mention, however, that the lacrosse team was ranked No. 1 in the nation through the better part of last season, before it lost the NCAA championship game in double overtime to Johns Hopkins. And when basketball season gets underway, look out for The Lamp—Jeff Lamp, that is. I believe another quotation of Mister Jefferson's might reveal his attitude toward athletics: "Exercise and recreation are as necessary as reading. I will say rather more necessary because health is worth more than learning."
Charlottesville, Va.

Frank Deford mentioned that Virginia nearly had its only perfect football season in 1941 when Bullet Bill Dudley played. In 1915, the year in which my grandfather, Eugene (Buck) Mayer, played—he was one of the South's first All-Americas—Virginia also came close to a perfect season, winning eight and losing only to Harvard. The 1915 team is still considered by many to be the greatest Cavalier squad of all time. I believe you will find that the 1913 and 1914 Virginia teams had almost perfect seasons, too, losing only to Georgetown and Yale, respectively.
Charleston, W. Va.

I am one of the many who have had the honor of attending The University and spending delightful Saturday afternoons at picturesque Scott Stadium. Upon moving to Texas in 1977, my wife and I traveled to Austin to see the University of Texas football team play U. Va. Alas, it was a classic Virginia game—U. Va. lost 68-0. However, after viewing Texas' high-rise dorms and some of its 40,000 students, we left for home feeling somewhat victorious in the knowledge that maybe, after all, winning isn't everything.
Angleton, Texas

In your article about the America's Cup (Aussome Task for the U.S., Sept. 15), Freedom was referred to as the "San Diego" boat and the "West Coast" boat. Freedom's home port is New York's Fort Schuyler, which is also the site of the State University of New York Maritime College and of its Foundation, the sponsor of the Enterprise/Freedom campaign. It is true that winter trials were held off the West Coast, and Freedom Skipper Dennis Conner is from San Diego, but crew members hail from various states, including New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Fort Schuyler and Minneford's Yacht Yard, where Freedom and other Olin Stephens-designed 12-meters were built, are within the New York City limits. To be precise, Freedom is a Bronx boat.
Maritime College at Fort
Schuyler Foundation, Inc.
Bronx, N.Y.

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