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March 30, 1981
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March 30, 1981


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Last week Slaten outdid himself during a playoff game against the Buffalo Stallions and became, as far as is known, the first P.A. announcer in any sport to get thrown out of a game. Referee Heins Wohlmerath, who cautioned Slaten before the game to be impartial, ejected him "for violent contact with a player and for using foul and abusive language." The incident occurred before the half when Slaten tried to punch John Dolinsky of Buffalo, who had been sent to the penalty box. "He kept taunting me, wanting me to lose my cool," Dolinsky says. "He wanted me to fight, but I just laughed at him and he couldn't handle that."

Besides getting bounced out of the game, Slaten got bounced from his job on the orders of Earl Foreman, the league commissioner who also fined the Steamers. The president of the Steamers, Stan Musial, said, "Although I wasn't at the game, I abhor any violence connected with sports. I in no way condone the action by Mr. Slaten and certainly understand the position of the commissioner in this matter and agree with him."

NHL commissioner and owners please take note.


TICKETS FOR SALE: 1981 NCAA Finals, March 28-30, in Philadelphia. 8 choice tickets for March 28 & March 30th games. Will sell in lots of 4 or 8 only. Call Dick Remien, 812-426-2281.

This classified ad ran in Baton Rouge last week, and sportswriter Sam King of the State-Times called the number and spoke to Remien. He wanted $2,400 for eight tickets or $1,200 for four, $266 per ticket more than their $34 face value. "I know they're expensive," Remien explained, "but let me tell you that we're not in the ticket brokerage business. We've got a manufacturing company [in Evansville, Ind.] and have a lot of Chicago customers that would like to have watched DePaul play in the final four. We also have some friends in the Lexington area that were sure Kentucky would be in the finals, so we went out of the way and bought these tickets for them at exactly the price we're trying to sell them."

By last weekend, Remien had lowered the price to $2,000 for eight tickets and $1,000 for four, but he still didn't have a buyer. He wasn't having very much luck, either. The day before another of his ads was to run in the Provo, Utah, Daily Herald, BYU got beat.

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