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A bunch of fun and good advice
Franz Lidz
May 25, 1981
The flutterball style of The Baseball Bunch, a syndicated half-hour show for kids that was first aired on May 2 and will be shown every weekend until Labor Day, found a comfortable groove when host Johnny Bench smacked a Tug McGraw pitch into a neighboring solar system.
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May 25, 1981

A Bunch Of Fun And Good Advice

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The TV Bunch learning all this is nice and clean and well pressed. They're a suburban mom's dream team, no bruises, no skinned knees, no ripped dungarees. They have names like Freddie, Louie and Ozzie—a troupe of second-generation Mouseketeers who don't look as if they'll ever play for anybody but the William Morris Agency.

Bench isn't yet the Johnny Carson of kids' baseball shows, but he's not absolutely wooden. He doesn't emcee the program with the ease with which he calls games for the Reds, but he gets the job done. And the 8-year-old baseball fans who watch the show would probably tune in just to see Johnny chase the Chicken for half an hour. Along the way they'll get some sound advice about the fundamentals of the game.

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