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Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
September 28, 1981
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September 28, 1981


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Roy Jr. will defend his Tournament of Kings title this weekend in Charlotte against Roy Sr. and 18 other challengers from the U.S., Canada, Australia, Finland and France. The contestants will be vying before an expected crowd of 10,000 for $10,500 in prize money, including $6,000 for first place. Roy Jr. continues to have mixed feelings about competing against Pop. "I have an edge practicing against the King every day," he says of his dad, who will always be the King even if he isn't the reigning champ. "I know exactly where I stand at all times." But he also says, "I never do my best against him. I get too nervous. I want to please him. After all, he is my dad."


Some sort of immutable law holds that if you give a government—any government—a lucrative enough source of revenue, it will cling to it like a guttersnipe to a found diamond. So it was that when Spanish soccer players went on strike earlier this month and forced a postponement of the start of the season, the national soccer pool was held as scheduled, with 36 lucky fans "accurately" selecting the outcome of all 14 league games. No matter that those games weren't played. Mindful that revenues from the pool can reach $8 million on a normal week and reluctant to see the government lose their take from that sum, authorities invited fans to fill out their pool predictions as usual. Winners then were determined on the basis of team names drawn from a bingo basket.

And to think that during the baseball strike, betting on the major leagues simply stopped. ¡Caramba!

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