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Edited by Gay Flood
November 30, 1981
BEAR REACTIONSSir:As Alabama alumni, we deplore your treatment of Coach Bear Bryant, the University of Alabama and the state of Alabama ("I Do Love the Football," Nov. 23). In our opinion, the article falsely represented all three and is insulting to everyone concerned.DR. AND MRS. ALEX C. MILLER JR. Birmingham
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November 30, 1981

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Please tell George Plimpton not to abandon his hopes for his daughter to attend Harvard. I believe he's on the right track. At any rate, it worked with me.

I, too, was a young girl when my father first took me to "The Game"—not Harvard-Yale, but Michigan vs. Ohio State. Not unlike Plimpton, my father wanted desperately to impress me—with the Michigan campus, The Game and the aura of the Maize and Blue. Alas, Michigan lost that year.

I remember awkward moments when my father tried to explain that we were for Michigan; we only lived in Ohio. And that I shouldn't sing the Ohio State song, just The Victors. He told me about Fielding Yost, the Elliott brothers and the blizzard at Columbus in 1950. Mostly, I remember that Michigan lost, that we had been rooting for the losing team. "Wait till next year," Father said.

The "next years" in Ann Arbor or Columbus worked their magic. My father no longer has to take me. And should anyone ever want to know about third-and-10, any of my three sisters or I will be delighted to explain it.
Michigan '74
New York City

It was Tad Jones, not Ted Coy, who told his Yale football teams that never again in their lives would they do anything as important as playing football against Harvard.

George Plimpton quotes Alex Karras complaining about the Rams' helmet logo being "designed by some interior decorator in Pasadena." It was designed by the onetime Ram halfback and former Denver Bronco general manager and vice-president, Fred Gehrke, who, even now, at 63, would stand a good chance of putting an overstuffed movie actor flat on his well-upholstered behind.
Orange, Calif.

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