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December 07, 1981
BEAR REACTIONS (CONT.)Sir: Frank Deford's article on Coach Paul (Bear) Bryant is excellent ("I Do. Love the Football," Nov. 23). As a native Tennessean now living in the North, I have always been fascinated by the extraordinary importance of college football in the South. It is a phenomenon that many Yankees just don't understand.
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December 07, 1981

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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As an environmental protection specialist employed in an EPA regional office, I thank you for your environmental report. However, the situation within EPA is much worse than SI imagines. In the face of drastic budget cuts and administrative actions that in effect take the teeth out of the watchdog, EPA personnel are leaving faster than residents from a hazardous waste site.

Ex-EPA professionals can find jobs in the industrial sector, usually at twice the salary they were previously paid, but in the long run the American public will lose. Clean lakes and rivers to swim in; wildlife areas for the observer and the sportsman; safe, clean air for the athlete: these are things that the American people are entitled to and that our children and their children deserve. How can we sit quietly and let environmental damage occur that we may never be able to correct?

If you should choose to print this letter, please do not publish my name or address.

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