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Robert H. Boyle
February 01, 1982
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February 01, 1982

Highlights Of The Players' Proposed Demands

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?Percentage of the gross


?New dental plan
?Continuation of medical insurance beyond the end of professional career
?Life insurance to be increased from $50,000 to at least $500,000 per player
?Joint control of insurance program


?Joint management-labor committee on game rules
?Joint committee to select and employ team physicians
?Minicamps limited to one per team, with players to be paid and no contact allowed
?A serious effort to get rid of artificial turf
?Fines to be limited, with the money to go to players in need, not to management
?All grievances decided within 30 days
?A joint committee, not the commissioner, to handle excessive violence on the field


?Normal vesting to be reduced from four years to three, with vesting not denied to players who are so severely injured because of football that they cannot play the required number of years
?Normal retirement benefits to begin at age 50 instead of 55; early retirement benefits to start at 40
?Retirement benefits to be doubled
?Total and permanent disability payments for non-football-related injuries to be raised from $500 to $2,000 a month, and football-related disability payments from $2,000 to $4,000 a month; widows and survivors—meaning children—to be guaranteed $2,500 per month
?A broader definition of "football-related" injuries


?The new collective bargaining agreement, not the standard player contract and the NFL Constitution and By-Laws, to govern players' relationship with management
?All cut players automatically to become free agents and not go through waivers
?A player to become a free agent every three years unless he voluntarily agrees to stay with his team
?Joint control over NFL Security, which Garvey calls "a private police force without restraints"