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The big story? Joe Piscopo
Steve Wulf
May 03, 1982
Sportscaster. "Saturday Night Live." Outrageous. Irreverent. Hilarious.
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May 03, 1982

The Big Story? Joe Piscopo

Sportscaster. "Saturday Night Live." Outrageous. Irreverent. Hilarious.

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On a February show, Piscopo feigned outrage, saying, "The big story? Magazines. What the hell is going on? Let's take a look." After showing the bathing suit issues of Inside Sports and SI, he yelled, "Journalism? Sports? Flesh." He ended the segment naked onstage.

Three weeks ago Piscopo didn't need to speak to convey the big story. He just appeared with icicles hanging from his nose, and these words were flashed on the screen as he shivered uncontrollably: BASEBALL. APRIL. COLD. I FROZE MY——OFF. BACK TO YOU, BRIAN. A few Words are worth thousands of pictures.

Piscopo the person is just a regular funny guy who lives in suburban New Jersey with his wife, Nancy, and their 3-year-old son, Joey. "Honey! Home. Dinner? Hungry." He's also a softball jock who counts meeting Phil Rizzuto among his biggest thrills.

The sportscaster is Piscopo's best-known character, but he also does Ronald Reagan, Tom Snyder, Dan Rather, Ted Koppel, Andy Rooney and a sensational Frank Sinatra on SNL. "It's fun to become somebody," he says, "because basically I'm not a very secure person." Part of his insecurity stems from the fact that his NBC biography lists him as 5'1", which is about a foot short of the truth. "One writer did a story without seeing me and called me diminutive," he says. Actually, he's getting bigger all the time, if the ratings are any indication.

Joe Piscopo.


Saturday Night Live.


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