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Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
July 12, 1982
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July 12, 1982


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During the many years that his team played winning baseball, Yankee owner George Steinbrenner left the impression that he alone was responsible for the trades, free-agent signings and farm-system rejuvenation that accounted for the club's success. More recently, with the Yankees struggling to reach .500, Steinbrenner, trying to pinpoint the team's problems, has been only too eager to talk about the role of underlings like Executive Vice President Cedric Tallis and Bill Bergesch, the club's vice-president for baseball operations. Of the disappointing play of recently acquired First Baseman John Mayberry, Steinbrenner said, "My people told me to get him, get him, get him. It was unanimous." Of the acquisition of Relief Pitcher Shane Rawley, another Bronx bust, he said, "I didn't know him from Adam, and my people wanted him. I've got the biggest supposed brain trust in baseball and they sit here and I listen to them." Referring at another point to Bergesch, Tallis et al., Steinbrenner said, "Those fellows have to live with what their recommendations to me were. There's going to be some drastic changes. That's not a warning. It's just a matter of fact. I have a record of all the votes. I'm not trying to shift the blame. We're all bad. We've all done very poorly."

It's nice to see George finally sharing the credit.

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