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Edited by Robert W. Creamer
September 06, 1982
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September 06, 1982


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Jimmy Connors, the one from Kearny, N.J., said, "People say to me, 'I know you're not the tennis player, but are you his father?' " "That hurts," said Jimmy Connors of Yonkers, N.Y.

"Sometimes the name does come in handy," said Jimmy Connors of Mountain Lakes, N.J. "I went to Buenos Aires on a business trip at a time when the President of Brazil was there on a visit. There were no rooms available anywhere. A local man from my company called a hotel manager and said, 'Look, Jimmy Connors is flying down. He needs a room.' The hotel manager gave me his room. Filled it with fruit and flowers. He was crushed to find out I wasn't the tennis player."

Does being called Jimmy Connors improve one's tennis game? "It's an asset," said Jimmy Connors of Syosset, N.Y. "It gives you something to live up to."

"My friends love to play me," said Jimmy Connors of Saddle Brook, N.J. "They love to be able to say they beat Jimmy Connors."

Jimmy Connors, an accountant from Uniondale, N.Y., said, "I'd love to have someone say to him, 'Are you Jimmy Connors the accountant?' "

"I was going to ask him if he was thrilled having lunch with Jimmy Connors the actuary," said Jimmy Connors, an actuary from Murray Hill, N.J.

Is Jimmy Connors their favorite tennis player?

"He's got to be," chorused several Jimmy Connors. "He's got the right name."

After lunch, the Jimmy Connors split. "Goodby, Jimmy. Goodby, Jimmy. Goodby, Jimmy," they said to those near them, and as each reached the door he turned, faced the group and called out warmly, "Goodby, Jimmy."


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