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December 27, 1982
BIG BULLETSir:Congratulations on a fine article by Bruce Newman about Washington Center/Power Forward Jeff Ruland (A Tough Man in a Scramble, Dec. 13). If Ruland played for the Celtics, he'd be considered the second coming of Dave Cowens. It's sometimes embarrassing to listen to Boston broadcaster Johnny Most. He calls Celtics Rick Robey and Kevin McHale "Bumper and Thumper" and condones their style of play, which is virtually the same as Ruland's. It's great to be a Boston fan, but the announcing here is sometimes onesided. Put Ruland in a Celtic uniform and Most would probably love him. Why not? He's dynamite.TOM DIEHL Dedham, Mass.
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December 27, 1982

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Journeyman Kuechenberg claims he would like to learn more about "the alltime greats, the people who seemed like they came from another planet." He might profit from studying the Dutchman, especially as he is depicted in Jim Klobuchar's True Hearts and Purple Heads ( Ross, $2.95 in paper).
Baraboo, Wis.

As a Georgia booster and a Herschel Walker supporter for the past three years, let me commend Ron Fimrite on a tremendous article about Marcus Allen (Reaching Out for Glory, Dec. 13). We Georgia fans regret having lost the Heisman Trophy last year to Allen, but as Walker pointed out, it wasn't a loss when an athlete such as Allen, who rushed for 2,342 yards in his senior season at USC, won the award. Allen has shown his ability in the pros and seems to be in the mold of an O.J. Simpson or Walter Payton. We Dawg fans certainly wish him well.
Vidalia, Ga.

Ron Fimrite quotes the cynics who belittled Marcus Allen's rushing achievements during his senior year at Southern Cal as suggesting that Woody Allen would have been a success running behind last year's USC offensive line. Woody Allen? No sweat. Gracie Allen, maybe.

Gasp and double gasp. Take a gander at Marcus Allen on the cover, carrying the football like a loaf of bread! Utterly reprehensible. For you youngsters out there, this isn't the way to tote a football. It's a great way to get the thing stripped away.

Pardon me? Allen gained 121 yards on 12 carries in the first half? The Raiders are 5-1? Never mind.
Amherst, Mass.

Your NOSTALGIA piece by Walter Bingham (Nov. 22) really brought back memories of the Cornell- Syracuse football game of 1938, because I was the " Syracuse man" who intercepted the lateral from the Cornell fullback with Syracuse trailing by five points. Two plays later, Wilmeth Sidat-Singh threw me the winning touchdown pass.

With Syracuse having trailed 10-0 at the half, and four touchdowns having been scored in the final nine minutes, small wonder Grantland Rice called the game the most amazing he'd ever witnessed.

Duffy Daugherty, later the coach of Michigan State, and Marty Glickman, the prominent TV sports announcer, also played for Syracuse in that game. Bud Wilkinson was the Orange end coach.
Syracuse, N.Y.

Bil Gilbert's article The Utterly Delightful Otter (Dec. 13) represents SI distilled to its essence. Gilbert writes with the grace and gentle humor of the creature he describes. However, it's sad that other state departments of conservation cannot be as enlightened as Missouri's. The protectionists and the hunters bicker as the extinction of species continues. It's heartwarming to learn that there are exceptions.
Alexandria, Va.

Applause for Bil Gilbert on a fantastic article about otters. I'm glad that some of the animals were moved to Missouri, where they will have a chance to increase in number. What I disliked was that radio transmitters were implanted in them. If the wildlife biologists want the otters to have the best chance to survive, they should just turn them loose.
Williamsville, N.Y.

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