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Sarah Boxer
February 13, 1989
It's a blustery afternoon on the beaverkill River in New York's Catskill Mountains. The worm and night crawler vending machine in front of Bob Darbee's Sport Shop is busted. Small black clouds gather, conspiring to make one very large, very black cloud. It's dark enough to be twilight. Out on the water the fishermen wading the river, which is famed for its trout, are wearing sunglasses. In the bar of the Antrim Lodge other anglers are discussing why.
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February 13, 1989

Casting A Clear Eye On Fish

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But when all is said and done, and bought and sold, sunglasses do not catch fish. A $300 pair of shades may turn light and dark, block blue light, banish glare, reveal life underwater and help you look rich and cool. "None of that," says Bury, "will impress a fish."

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