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Athletic Supporters
March 24, 2008
Sports stars weigh in with presidential picks
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March 24, 2008

Athletic Supporters

Sports stars weigh in with presidential picks

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LAST WEEK SI conducted a poll of nearly 350 players in the three major in-season leagues—MLB, the NHL and the NBA—asking them which candidate they support in the presidential election. (Only eligible voters were surveyed, and they were guaranteed anonymity.) Some made well-reasoned arguments: one NHL player gave a long, thoughtful explanation of his choice, concluding that he liked John McCain because the senator can "work both sides of the aisle." And many NBA players, who overwhelmingly supported Barack Obama, were more interested in making this a historic election than getting their taxes lowered. Others, not so much. A baseball player explained that he's voting for Obama because the team's trainer "said a bunch of nice things about him."

Here's a sampling of what players liked and disliked about each candidate.



The NBA, where he topped McCain by a nearly 8-to-1 margin.


? Race
Being African-American weighed in his favor with many. "That's a factor," said one NBA player. "But at the end of the day, I want somebody who's going to look out for all Americans."

? Charisma
"He'll bring back prestige to the leader of the free world," said one baseball player. "I think Obama is the JFK for this generation." Said a hockey player, "I see him on Oprah, and I think he's a sincere guy."

? Change
"What's going on in politics now isn't working," said one NBA player, echoing the message of many.


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