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Big Play
April 21, 2008
WHO Trevor Immelman
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April 21, 2008

Big Play

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Trevor Immelman

83-yard wedge to three feet

510-yard par-5 13th hole at Augusta National

Final round of the Masters

Immelman reminds me of his idol, Gary Player, because he emulates Player's meticulous preshot routine. Immelman stands behind the ball, steps up to it and aligns the club face to an intermediate target. He swivels his head to take in first the ball, the intermediate target and the target, then addresses the ball and swings away. The routine insulates him from pressure by forcing him to focus on his shot instead of the surroundings, which is how he stiffed a wedge at 13.

Align the Club Face With the Target

To ensure proper alignment, stand behind the ball and choose an intermediate target (a divot, leaf, discolored blade of grass, anything) about one or two feet in front of your ball. Approach the ball with the club in your right hand and your shoulders open so you can clearly see the target, then position the club behind the ball so the face points at the intermediate target. Finally, address the ball and swing away.

T.J. Tomasi teaches at Nantucket Golf Club in Nantucket, Mass.